Steam Outsourcing


We offer :

  • Financing of the Boiler System

  • Provision of Spare Parts and Consumables

  • Execution of Scheduled Outages

  • Operation 24/7

  • Enertech Quality Boiler System shall be installed in your facility
  • Access to our Expert Center in our corporate office

  • Repair and Refurbishment of major components

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Corrective Maintenance

  • Condition Monitoring




The Enertech Outsourcing Division provides Build, Operate and Transfer; Operation and Maintenance and Boiler Rental and Operation Services to our Clients. This guarantees our clients Steam Generation Sustainability assuring them of smooth production operation.

Our Boiler Rental Contracts provide our client back-up boiler units with boiler operators for stop-gap solution to boiler breakdown and maintenance.

The Enertech Boiler For Rent are calibrated and readily available for installation at our client’s facilities.

The Enertech Operation and Maintenance Contracts allow our clients to concentrate on their own specialization, outsourcing the operation of their boiler to the Boiler Experts. Enertech takes care of the day to day operation and maintenance of the boiler system.

The Enertech BOT Project Contracts cover all aspects and activities necessary in the financing, manufacturing, installation, operate and maintenance, giving our clients a Worry- Free, Safe and Most Economic steam requirements.