This is Enertech's main line of products. Our fleet of boilers set the quality standard in the industry for its quality. All are given the ASME certiication ensuring our clients and future clientele will receive our products far beyond "good"; in which it meets national and international standards.
Enertech’s oil and gas-fired boilers are equipped with a simple but efficient pressure atomized burner, with models for light and heavy oil firing and are also designed and manufactured for gas firing.

These industrial boilers are designed for low emission yet high in combustion


Enertech CLASSIC 3-pass Wet-back Packaged Firetube Boiler is the company’s flagship product because of its high performance and durability. It is suitable for firing Bunker C oil, Diesel oil and LPG. It is available in capacities from 10 to 1500 boiler horsepower (150 to 23,500 kg/h), with operating pressures of up to 300 psig.​


The ANZEN Boiler is an economically priced model available in capacities from 20-1500 HP (300-23,500kg/hr.) with a standard design pressure of 150 PSIG; also available for design pressures of up to 300 PSIG. The ruggedly-built unit is fully automatic and has been proven in the field to be very reliable. ANZEN Boiler is equipped with a simple but well designed pressure atomized burner, with models for light oil, heavy oil and gas firing


The Enertech Borgy Portable Hot Water Boiler, horizontal, firetube, self-contained, package type, fully automatic operation, factory assembled ready for connection to water, fuel, process, drain, and electric connection. Convenient lifting and transport as all system components are in one carry all structure. Capacities from 6 to 30 Bo. HP (94 to 470 kg/hr)