The Enertech Borgy Portable Hot Water Boiler, horizontal, firetube, self-contained, package type, fully automatic operation, factory assembled ready for connection to water, fuel, process, drain, and electric connection. Convenient lifting and transport as all system components are in one carry all structure. Capacities from 6 to 30 Bo. HP (94 to 470 kg/hr)

Main Features

Capacities of from 5 to 30 Bo. Hp.
Operating pressure up to 120 psig.
Ideal for small centralized water heater systems such as in small hotels, motels, condominium, commissaries , sauna baths, spas and restaurants.
Cheaper operating cost alternative to electric and LPG-fired heaters/boilers.
Self contained portable unit option for easy transfer where needed.
Diesel-fired with fully automatic temperature control.


Pressure vessel designed and built in accordance with the ASME Code.
Capacities from 1.5 to 25 tons per hour and up to 20 Bars maximum allowable working pressure.
State of the art PLC Control System with touch screen monitor for user-friendly machine-operator interface is available as option.
Four furnace waterwalls for high radiation heat transfer at furnace.
Complete accessories such as Deaerator, Feedwater Pump, Water Softener or Demineralizer, Soft Water Tank, Condensate Receiver Tank, Condensate Pump, Blowdown Control System, Blowdown Tank, Fuel Storage Silo or Warehouse, Fuel Conveyors, Forced Draft, Induced Draft and Secondary Air Fans, Smoke Stack, Ash Handling System, Motor Control Center, Boiler Automation, etc.