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We lead the distribution of steam boilers & allied products for 40 years. Servicing the Philippine & International Market



Enertech Systems Industries Incorporated was established in 1978. For 40 years, Enertech has established its reputation as the Philippine’s “Boiler Technology People.”
The Enertech boiler system has proven its dominance in the Philippine Market and is accepted and endorsed in the international market. There are more than 3000 boiler units installed all over the Philippines, as well as exported throughout Asia, Papua New Guinea, the Middle East and Australia.

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We pride ourselves as our client’s industrial partner, hence, we look at our technology as your investment, acquired to reduce cost, increase productivity and increase steam production efficiency.



High Performance and Reliability. Enertech’s three pass wet back design, relatively large heating surface and a very reliable burner are the combination of features that provide assurance of high performance and reliability.
Boiler Expertise. Enertech boilers are designed and built by the “Boiler Technology People of Enertech”, engineers and highly skilled craftsmen with knowhow and skills honed through long years of study and experience in boiler design and manufacture.
Heavy Duty Construction. Enertech boilers are built with safety factor higher than the ASME Code, resulting in thicker boiler components for durability and long service life.
The Best Components. All boiler raw materials, components and accessories are chosen from the leading international brands and manufacturers, conforming to international standards, to produce a reliable and long lasting boiler.
Reliable After Sales Service. Enertech maintains a large pool of highly competent, continuously trained and experienced service engineers and technicians to service its large number of clients.


Our Turnkey Projects cover the design, construction, installation, commission, and boiler technician training of your boiler system which includes the construction of the boiler house. Your boiler system will be ready to provide your steam requirements upon project completion.
Enertech Systems Industries Incorporated is your “One-Stop-Shop Boiler Solution Provider.” We differentiate ourselves from our competition by providing a unique consultative selling approach to boiler customization.
Our Applications Engineers are experts in assessing your technology requirements, helping you customize a boiler taking into consideration your variability of operation (high demand vs. low demand), future expansion, supply-chain and real-estate planning issues. Our Business Group will assist you with your financial analysis ensuring your objectives are fully met.