Vision & Mission 

We, The Boiler Technology People of Enertech Systems Industries, Inc. believe in the efficient delivery of goods and services for our individual growth, our family, community, and the country’s economy through the pursuit of:

The production of world-class quality boilers and allied products

for the Asia market at competitive price, while providing dependable service back-up organization withreadily available spare parts to maintain an optimum level of customer satisfaction;

The global effort for a cleaner environment

with the development of steam boilers using renewable energy, particularly biomass fuel;

The increasing growth in the agricultural sector

through the production of efficient agricultural post-harvest processing equipment;

The distribution of complementing industrial products

needed in the market place for world-renowned manufacturers under exclusive agency arrangements and mutual technology exchange;

The maximization of local resources

and the employment of off-farm workers to contribute to the development of the rural population; and

Cultivating productive work values

and rewarding those that contribute to the over-all productivity of the enterprise with unity, solidarity and professionalism upheld in the company.

Our Humble Beginnings

The Enertech team has grown. See how it all began.