Our Enertech New Generation Biomass Boiler is provided with Brain++ Boiler Automation System (BAS) proven to be responsive, effective and reliable on the many biomass fired boilers that we have installed on.

Fine tuning a boiler to operate efficiently and economically requires infinite manipulation of multiple inter-related functions to keep it running at optimum efficiency. The demand for output is continuously changing at a rate that is much faster than manpower can resolve. It is humanly impossible to adjust flow of water, fuel and air simultaneously to stay on track with the demands, which varies from zero to the maximum capacity of the boiler. Controlling hands maybe posted to rein the load swings but manual manipulation can always be wasteful as it can never be close to efficient operation. The least is to regulate the plant at its most common steady output and hope that variables do not run wild incongruously.

This leads to the need to employ modern technology that can operate the investment economically.


Today, over 100 units Enertech Biomass Boilers are provided with Brain++ BAS and these units’ deliver excellent results with reduction of fuel costs and operators’ compensation as well as avoidance of production losses due to unscheduled shutdowns and breakdowns.


Programmable Logic Control

Full Boiler Automation

Computerized Operation

Monitoring Online

LCD Monitor Touch Screen

Modern Technology

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