History - From its very humble beginnings, Enertech Systems Industries, Inc. grew steadily through the years to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial steam boilers to the various industries in the Philippines and in other countries in Asia as well. The company established a bigger and more modern fabrication plant in a three-hectare lot in Marilao, Bulacan in 2006 to expand its production capability and to be able to export its biomass, oil and gas-fired boiler products to neighboring countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Seychelles and Singapore ...

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Global Plant - The Enertech Global plant and corporate office is situated in a 3-hectare property along Technology Road in Prenza II, Marilao, Bulacan. It can accommodate a maximum monthly capacity of 500 tons in its production line for various sizes of boilers, pressure vessels, and boiler accessories. It houses Enertech's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities from computerized plate bender/roller, plate cutting and fan balancing; submerge arc welding machine ...

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Mission and Vision - One of the trademark characteristic of Enertech is "innovation", which has allowed the company to improve its industrial boiler products and develop new technology such as the Brain++ (Brain Plus Plus), a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes of the boiler. This Programmable Logic Controller technology was launched in the year 2000 and provides great benefits and solutions to many companies in the Philippines ...

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Green Energy - Its BIOMASS BOILER fueled with coco shell, rice hull and other agricultural wastes have helped many industrial plants to significantly reduce their steam costs while increasing their potential profits. The company has been manufacturing biomass boiler since 1989. Enertech Systems Industries, Inc. impressive list of diverse and satisfied customers includes the biggest names in multiple Philippine industries as well as in many countries in Asia and Australia ...

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biomass boiler

The Advantage of Biomass Boiler Technology

The Enertech Biomass-Fired Combi Boiler is the ideal alternative to the high-operating-cost of oil and gas-fired boilers. In areas where biomass fuels, such as agricultural wastes are available, biomass fuels are excellent alternative to lower fuel costs derived from fossil fuel such as diesel, bunker oil and LPG.

With its multi-cyclone dust collector, induced draft fan, wet scrubber and ash conveyor, the Enertech Biomass Boiler eliminates fuel residues and particulates which are harmful to human health and the environment. It also removes acid, dioxin, NOX, carbon particulates, SO2, Hg, HCN, H2CO3, H2SO4 ...

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gas and oil-fired boiler

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves as our client's industrial partner, hence, we look at our technology as your investment, acquired to reduce cost, increase productivity and increase steam production efficiency. Through years of study, our engineers and highly skilled craftsmen developed an expertise to provide you with a complete boiler technology solution, specifically designed to fit your needs.

Your specific boiler room requirements may include multiple boilers, hybrid systems, material handling and storage system. Enertech will complete your entire boiler system ...

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events and activities

News and Announcements
Find out the latest news, events and announcements from Enertech Systems Industries, Inc and stay connected ...

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community outreach

Community Services
At Enertech, we believe in giving back to the community the blessings that we had, thinking that the community has allowed us to ...

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company basketball league

Enertech Summer Sportsfest 2013
Series of sports events are scheduled to support the vision of cultivating unity, solidarity and professionalism among the ...

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foundation day celebration

ESII 35th Founding Anniversary
Enertech Systems Industries, Inc. celebrates its 35th year founding anniversary, a timely occasion to look back on the triumphant growth of the company ...

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