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Excitement filled the atmosphere as each team showed enthusiasm for the rest of the festivities. Engr. Guillermo C. Simeon, president of Enertech Systems, Industries, Inc., delivered the opening remarks to inspire the participants and to sustain the zest of the players throughout the sports festival. To show support and gratefulness, Mr. Jimmy Salmazan, the leader of Samahan ng mga Manggagawa provided encouraging remarks and shared his insights regarding the event.

The official opening of the basketball match was declared and competing teams showed their power, skill and stamina. Meanwhile, table tennis and volleyball games were held simultaneously in different areas.

The initial basketball competition demonstrated the capability of Vicente Talagtag who earned the highest score for the winning team. During the early minutes of the first quarter, the Administration team rallied ten big points against the Fabrication team. Unfortunately, the defensive strategy of the Administration team was no match to the high powered stamina of the Fabrication team who won the game, 51-77 respectively.

On a lighter note, the losing team can take a cue in the proverbial maxim "No pain, No gain". The concluded match gave some of the red team players aches and pains which include swollen ankles and aching muscles. But surely, with exercise and practice, all the players will get the rope of the game. Anyway, it's not only about winning in a competition; it's also about how one plays the game.

The first match was followed by the Operations team versus the Production team. For the first half, Production team gained the momentum and the players were able to sustain the steady lead up to the second half of the ballgame. During the second half, a close fight was witnessed by the cheering crowd. In the end, the Production team won the first match against the Operations team with just 1-point advantage, 65-64.

As a whole, the opening salvo was full of fun and excitement. Watch out for more electrifying bouts as The Boiler Technology People soar high in the sports arena.(jmgl2013)

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