The Enertech Oldenburg Boiler


Product Overview

The Enertech Oldenburg 3-Pass Wet Back Package Fire Tube Boiler follows the design of European made boilers which is built economically, with optimum heating surface for efficient operation, available in capacities from 60 to 1500 HP (940 to 23500 kg/hr) with standard design pressure of 150 psig, also available for design pressures of up to 300psig.

This compact, ruggedly built unit is fully automatic and has been proven in the field to be very reliable. The Oldenburg boiler is equipped with an Industrial Combustion air/steam atomized burner , with models for light and heavy oil firing and also for gas firing.

The standard oil fired burner can be converted to gas firing with just the addition of a gas train.


  • Capacities of from 60 to 1500 Bo. HP (940 to 23,500 kg/h)
  • Design pressure 300 psig (20.4 bars).
  • Highly efficient attaining thermal efficiency of up to 90% at MCR when firing heavy oil (based on LHV).
  • 3 pass wet-back design combined with a heating surface of 4 sq/ft per BoHP. Wet back design eliminates heavy refractory at rear door reducing maintenance cost.
  • Highly efficient full modulation air/steam atomized burner with 5:1 turn down enables unit to attain very high efficiencies even at part load operation. Same burner can be converted to gas firing with just the addition of a gas train.
  • Large savings in fuel cost.
  • High quality fittings and components.
  • Lower maintenance cost and high boiler efficiency.
  • This model is ideal where high degree of operational reliability is required.

Photo Gallery: Enertech's Oldenburg Boiler Successful Projects


  • Complete accessories such as Deaerator, Feedwater Pump, Water Softener or Demineralizer, Soft Water Tank, Condensate Receiver Tank, Condensate Pump, Blowdown Control System, Blowdown Tank, Fuel Storage Silo or Warehouse, Fuel Conveyors, Forced Draft, Induced Draft and Secondary Air Fans, Smoke Stack, Ash Handling System, Motor Control Center, Boiler Automation, etc.
  • Capacities from 1.5 to 25 tons per hour and up to 20 Bars max. allowable working pressure.
  • State of the art PLC Control System with touch screen monitor for user-friendly machine-operator interface is available as option.
  • Pressure vessel designed and built in accordance with the ASME Code.
  • Four furnace waterwalls for high radiation heat transfer at furnace.

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