ESII Milestones

Enertech was organized as a corporation. Introduced the Enertech 2-pass Dry Back Boiler.

Developed Enertech Type H Waste Heat Boiler
     • 1989 Type H Boiler using coco shell as fuel.
     • 1981 Type H Boiler using wood as fuel.
     • 1982 Type H Boiler using cashew as fuel.
     • 1984 Type H Boiler using coffee wastes.

Began exporting packaged type boiler to Malaysia via Singapore (Suwit Lee Pty. Ltd)

Developed the Enertech Combi Boiler Design.
     • A breakthrough in Filipino technical ingenuity.
     • Combi Boiler Design is a combination of firetube and watertube boiler. The furnace has water tube walls. Boiler utilizes coco-shell/husk, rice hull or wood chips as fuel.

Began export promotions of Enertech Combi-Boilers to Indonesia.

     • Developed and built the 3-Pass Wet-Back Design for Oil Fired Boilers.
     • Start Sales and Manufacture of high efficiency, low maintenance 3-pass Wet-back Boilers

Developed and built a Coco-shell Fired Combi Boiler for Oil Mills in Davao, Dumaguete and Iligan.

Sold and installed the first Coco Shell fired Combi Boiler to a desiccated coconut plant in Indonesia.

Developed a Specialized Combi Boiler which utilizes copra cake as fuel

Redesigned the Kaldera (HRT) Biomass Fired Boiler with water tube walls in the furnace for increased efficiency. Enertech offers the new product as a compact, small footprint Biomass Fired Boiler alternative to its Combi Boiler.

Enertech introduces full automation for its Biomass Fired Boilers with its Brain ++ Boiler Automation. With Brain ++ the Boiler operator is able to control and monitor all boiler-operating parameters through a touch screen in the control room.

Enertech supplies on a turnkey basis a 500 KW capacity Rice Hull Fired Cogeneration Plant that includes supply of the Condensing Steam Turbine Generator Set, Surface Condenser, and Cooling Tower etc.

Enertech design a Silo for Rice Hull, including a pneumatic loading system for fuel storage of its Rice Hull Fired Steam Boiler and Cogeneration Plants.

Enertech designs and introduces to the market a Multifuel Combustor with a Reciprocating Grate, suitable for burning Biomass Fuel and Coal. This is in response to clients concern on biomass fuel availability.

Today, Enertech Systems Industries, Incorporated continues to innovate and develop new and high technology products for its ever growing clients both in the local and International market.



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