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How It All Began

The ambitious government spending on infrastructure and public works projects has initiated the Philippine industrial boom, leading the country towards economic prosperity in the 1970s. During this era, foreign companies dominated the Philippine boiler industry. American, Japanese and European boiler brands has set up sales and dealership offices in the country causing an influx of imported boilers installed in Philippine factories, hospitals, universities and hotels.

The shortage of legitimate Filipino boiler supplier and manufacturer has ignited a young engineer's entrepreneurship spirit! He envisioned establishing a 100% Filipino-owned company that can compete with the foreign boiler giants, utilizing the talents, strong determination, and excellent innovative skills of local engineers.

In 1978, Engineer Guillermo C. Simeon, together with a group of talented pool of Filipino engineers established the Enertech Systems Industries, Inc. The pioneering "The Boiler Technology People" of Enertech, were equipped with experience, expertise and foreign training on pressure vessel fabrication gained from working with the foreign giants such as Bobcock & Wilcox Co., USA, Combustion Engineering, Inc., Bailey Controls, to mention a few. These engineers have the capability to design, fabricate and erect process and material handling equipment given any design criteria.

Through the years, the Enertech team has grown. It now employs about 180 regulars, consisting of engineers, accountants, business administration graduates, office workers, highly skilled technicians, welders, and backed-up by a pool of more than 500 project hired workers. Since its inception, the Enertech team's innovative approach and uncompromising attention to detail in the field of engineering has branded the company as the PIONEER and LEADER in the Philippine boiler industry.

Enertech's aggressive research and development initiatives have resulted to multiple Filipino technical ingenuity breakthroughs in the Philippine Boiler Engineering history. Enertech was the first producer of the Filipino-made Biomass Boiler with the Enertech Type-H Waster Heat Boiler which utilized coco shell as fuel. Through continuous innovation, Enertech never cease an opportunity to capitalize on its team's creativity and quest for excellence.

In 1989, the company introduced the Enertech Combi Boiler Design, which is a combination of fire tube and water tube boiler. The furnace has water tube walls and utilizes coco shell/husk, rice hull or wood chips as fuel.

In 1991, it developed and built 3-Pass Wet Back Design for oil fired boiler, a unique design that highlights higher efficiency at lower maintenance cost. In 2000, it introduced full automation for its biomass-fired boilers with its state of the art Brain++, boiler automation technology using a touch screen in the boiler control room. In 2006, it developed a multiple combustor with a reciprocating grate, suitable for burning biomass fuel and coal.

Today, Enertech Systems Incorporated continues to develop new and high technology products. Every Enertech product maintains exceptional world-class quality, advanced technologies that are competitively priced. It has produced more than 2000 boiler units and boiler systems installed all over the Philippines as well as exported to other countries in Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Seychelles, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and most recently to Australia.

Our diversified and impressive list of diverse and satisfied customers includes the biggest names in multiple Philippine industries. Among these are San Miguel Corporation, URC, Jollibee, Coca-Cola, Unilab, Shangri-La hotels, Proctor and Gamble, to name a few. Their continuous patronage is a testament to the reliability and performance of our products.

For 35 years, Enertech Systems Industries, Inc. has proven its dominance in the Philippine boiler market and will continue to be a true Filipino pride with every Enertech boiler product exported to neighboring countries in Asia, as well as to other continents in the world.

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