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Product Overview

The Enertech Combi Boiler design is also available for Coal Firing. Enertech recognizes that in these times of spiralling oil prices, shifting from oil to coal by replacing existing oil fired boilers with coal fired boilers can drastically reduce fuel cost. The investment in the replacement coal fired boiler can be recovered in a short time from the savings in fuel cost. With the development of local coal mines augmented by importation, the wider availability of coal all over the country has boosted coal as a primary energy resource.

Photo Gallery: Enertech's Coal-fired Boiler Successful Projects

Enertech uses its proven Combi Boiler design used in its widely used biomass boilers, this time, equipped with a travelling grate stoker. A travelling grate stoke is the most reliable and efficient combustor for coal burning. The travelling grate burns bituminous coal completely as it carries the fuel from one end to the other and when fuel is fully transformed into ash is dropped into the ash pit, where a conveyor continuously discharges ash out of the boiler.


  • Capacities from 1.5 to 10 tons per hour and up to 20 Bars max. allowable working pressure.
  • Firetube Vessel is on top of furnace making a smaller footprint than the Enertech Combi boiler.
  • Four furnace waterwalls for absorption of radiant heat with brickwalls at the lower portions for heat maintaining high temperature of the furnace.
  • Air-tight welded membrane wall tube panels for the waterwalls to prevent air intrusion.
  • A heavy duty Travelling Grate Stoker is used for the efficient combustion of coal.
  • Agricultural Wastes such as Rice Hull/Stalks, Coconut Shell/Husk/Stalks, Corn Cobs/Stalks, and other solid wastes such as Wood Chips, Saw Dust can be co-fired with coal.
  • Complete combustion of solid fuels is assured by providing for the 3 T's of combustion (Time, Temperature and Turbulence) in the furnace design.
  • Choice of Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic boiler operation.


  • Pollution Control Equipment such as Multi-Cyclone Dust Collector, Bag House, Wet Scrubber, Electrostatic Precipitatro, etc.
  • Boiler House, equipment foundation, turnkey basis.

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