Problem Addressed: The Enertech Way
by: Richard Mark Duyao

The past few years, most people are concerned about energy conservation as an answer to the continuous price increase of liquid fuels in the global market. On the other hand, taking good care of our environment is one way of improving the danger of climate change and world destruction.

Save Energy, Save Planet Earth
Due to these phenomenon, people are seeking and searching different solutions to address these kind of problems. They have their own simple ways in doing so. They are conducting researches and studies on how to eliminate or at least minimize these global problems the world is facing.

The people and management of Enertech are one of these concerned citizens who seek and found remedies to these problems. Through development of environmental friendly products which will help not only the people but also the environment.

Enertech Systems Industries, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of Steam Generating Unit and some other pressurized vessels, not only here in the Philippines, but also abroad. They are developing and designing products innovatively to contribute solutions on one of our present problems. A selection of different designs depending on the customer requirements. This Steam Generating Unit, popularly called "Boiler" can help in dealing with the problems regarding fuel price increase especially on those companies which are using liquid fuels, particularly Diesel Power Plants and other manufacturing companies. Some other problem that can also be solve is about the huge amount of waste and garbage in our environment, specifically, farm wastes like rice hull, coconut husk, coconut shell, bagasse and many more. These kinds of wastes can be used on Enertech Biomass Boiler designs and can serve as fuel instead of expensive liquid fuels. In doing so, companies and manufacturers will not just gain an extra income, but also helping and protecting our environment at the same time. Not just that, these innovations will help farmers in gaining extra income, because instead of burning such solid fuels they can sell it to companies where it is needed. This "Biomass" Boiler was produced and fabricated which can run and operate at a lesser fuel cost, using such kinds of solid fuel.

Aside from Biomass Boiler, Enertech is also designing, producing and fabricating different kinds of boiler using liquid and gas fuels such as Steam Boiler, Hot-water Boiler, also Pressurize Tanks, Boiler Parts & Accessories, which include material handling equipments. As an addition they also offer Boiler servicing and repair. Enertech is following guidelines and standards from ASME Code (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), PSME (Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers), API, and some other references and sources, for more equipped, quality and reliable designs, which will guarantee customers satisfaction. Enertech is also adapting latest innovations, including automations to compete with products not only here in the Philippines but also with the international products. As an addition, Enertech Systems Industries, Inc. offer s quality products and provides some other services such as DENR permit to operate, BWC/DOLE safety code compliance approval, and permits from local government to instal. They are also securing proper layout of equipments, piping and other parts. Moreover, they also conduct an actual site visit, providing installation drawing, operations manual and maintenance manual for more convenient working space, environmental and user friendly products.

Beneficial to the people, environment and the customer is Enertech's priority, such as the production of world-class quality boiler and allied products for the ASEAN market at competitive price.

Enertech Systems Industries, Inc. does not stop searching and developing things. It is exploring and seeking new ideas to improve, for the benefit of everyone.

As part of these community, we need to do our job. Each of us has a task and work to do, even if how small or big it is. Like a rope, composed of strands, everyone needs to perform its duty to make it strong and act as one. Let us all be united in order to succeed.



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