Save the Earth and GO GREEN with the BIOMASS Boiler


Biomass = the EARTH-FRIENDLY energy source. Biomass is a renewable source of energy and offers great advantages for industries located in agricultural areas. Unlike fossil fuels (oil and coal) which are prone to price movements due to global trends, biomass fuels (rice hull, coco shell, corn cobs, wood waste, etc.) are locally available so that prices are relatively more stable. More importantly, in this era of climate change, biomass fuels will not harm our environment.

Biomass is "carbon-neutral", i.e. its combustion emits the same amount of CO2 which has been previously absorbed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis through the light of the sun - in exchange for mankind's indispensable oxygen.

Biomass supports and creates domestic job opportunities, augments farmers' incomes and lessens our country's dependence on fuel imports.


The Enertech Biomass Fired Combi Boiler is the ideal alternative to the high operating cost oil fired boilers. In areas where biomass fuels such as agricultural waste are available, the net savings from the lower fuel cost will enable users to recover the investment in less than a year. On top of the savings, biomass boiler users contribute towards cleaning the environment through reduction of carbon emission.

Fuel Options for Biomass Boiler

The Enertech Combi Boiler is a result of two decades of continuous product innovation to create a reliable, efficient and user-friendly equipment.

In 2007, Enertech introduced an industrial boiler that is equipped with a reciprocating grate and a ram feeder that are driven by a hydraulic power unit. With the new grate design, the positive movement created by the reciprocating action assures complete combustion of the biomass fuel. In addition, the Enertech Brain++ (Brain Plus Plus) Boiler Automation has allowed automatic operation/adjustment of almost all boiler functions reducing the number of personnel required to operate the boiler. It also increase the level of safety of boiler operation.

Photo Gallery: Enertech's Biomass Boiler Successful Projects


  • Capacities from 1.5 to 25 tons per hour and up to 20 Bars max. allowable working pressure.
  • Combination firetube and watertube boiler design.
  • Four furnace waterwalls with brickwalls at the lower portions, for high radiation heat transfer at furnace.
  • Air-tight welded membrane wall tube panels to prevent air intrusion.
  • Reciprocating grates for efficient combustion of all types of biomass fuel.
  • Fuels - Agricultural wastes such as rice hull/stalks, coconut shell/husk/stalks, corn cobs/stalks, and solid wastes such as wood chips, saw dusts and others solid-wastes products.
  • Choice of grate designs to suit available fuel, pinhole grate, semi steep grate, reciprocating grate, and travelling grate.
  • Complete combustion of solid fuels is assured by providing for the 3 T's of combustion (Time, Temperature and Turbulence) in the furnace design.
  • Choice of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic boiler operation.


  • Pollution control equipment such as multi-cyclone dust collector, bag house, wet scrubber, electrostatic precipitator and other components that can help in decreasing black emission.
  • Civil works and design - boiler house, equipment foundation, turnkey basis.

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