Enertech Anzen 3-pass wet back package fire tube boiler


Product Overview

The Enertech Anzen 3-Pass Wet-Back Package Fire Tube Boiler is an economically priced model available in capacities from 60 to 600 HP (940 to 9400 kg/hr) with standard design pressure of 150 psig (10.34 bars), also available for design pressures of up to 300 psig (20.68 bars). The ruggedly built unit is fully automatic and has been a very reliable workhorse. The Anzen boiler is equipped with a simple but efficient pressure atomized burner, with models for light and heavy oil firing and also for gas firing.

OPTIMUM EFFICIENCY - The Enertech Anzen Boiler can attain thermal efficiencies of up to 85% at MCR when firing heavy oil (based on net calorific value of fuel). This compact unit with heating surface of 3.5 square feet per boiler horsepower can attain optimum efficiency due to its 3-pass wetback design.

FULLY AUTOMATIC OPERATION - Fully automatic control are provided for continuous operation with minimal attendance. The burner has high/low/off control for 60 and 70 HP units and full modulation control for the higher capacity units. A float-type water level controller is mounted at the side of the boiler. This controls the operation of the feedwater pump, turning it on and off at preset levels. This level controller also acts as first low water cut-off/alarm,shutting down the burner to prevent damage to the boiler, in the event of a low water condition due to failure of the feed pump or due to excessive steam withdrawal. A probe type 2nd low water cut-off to assure the safety of the boiler. The boiler operating pressure is controlled by two pressure controllers: one controlling the burner on/off operation based on the high and low operating limits and the other acting as modulating control to adjust firing rate based on steam demand.

COMPLETE SAFE OPERATION - The boiler is equipped with a burner control relay which is an automatic controller forming the nucleus of the automatic operation of the burner. This controller provides automatic burner sequencing and flame supervision for a safe burner light off and shutdown. The burner shuts down automatically in the event of flame failure, low water and excessive steam pressure. Sufficiently sized safety valves are provided to relieve pressure in case of over pressure.

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SIMPLE AND RELIABLE BURNER - Olympia (Japan) Forced Draft Burners for light and heavy oil and gas firing is standard on ANZEN boilers. This ruggedly built gun-type burner has a simple design concept emphasizes perfection in ignition, complete combustion of fuel and stable flames at all firing rates. The burner has a hinged flange providing easy access to the burner components for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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  • Davited front doors and split/hinged rear doors allow access to return tubes for ease in cleaning and maintenance.
  • Front and rear doors are held shut using studs with lugs and brass nuts for easy removal.
  • Front smoke box and doors are lined with space-age ceramic fiber.
  • Large furnace - large diameter and sufficient length, provides required furnace volume assuring complete combustion of fuel, especially heavy oil. Furnaces are of ring-reinforced type providing a very rigid structure and at the same time additional heating surface from the stiffener rings.
  • Wet-back design turnaround eliminates the need for refractory lining, baffles, gaskets and provides additional primary heating surface for increased efficiency.
  • Two inch thick 132 kg/cu cm density mineral wool insulation reduces heat loss through the shell surfaces.
  • Round smoke outlet requires only a stub stack for proper draft.
  • Stainless steel finish for shell, to provide aesthetics and durability.


High Performance and Reliability. Enertech's three pass wet back design, relatively large heating surface and a very reliable burner are the combination of features that provide assurance of high performance and reliability.

Heavy Duty Construction. Enertech boilers are built with safety factor higher than the ASME Code, resulting in thicker boiler components for durability and long service life.

Boiler Expertise. Enertech boilers are designed and built by the "Boiler Technology People of Enertech", engineers and highly skilled craftsmen with knowhow and skills honed through long years of study and experience in boiler design and manufacture. What sets them apart is their passion for innovation and excellence to bring about the best boiler to its clients.

The Best Components. All boiler raw materials, components and accessories are chosen from the leading international brands and manufacturers, conforming to international standards, to produce a reliable and long lasting boiler.

Reliable After Sales Service. Enertech maintains a large pool of highly competent, continuously trained and experienced service engineers and technicians to service its large number of clients. It likewise maintains a large inventory of fast moving replacement parts to ensure immediate availability of needed parts.


  • Capacities of from 60 to 600 Bo. HP (940 to 9400 kg/hr).
  • Design pressure 15 to 300 psig (1.02 to 20.4 bars).
  • 3-pass wet-back design, eliminates heavy refractory rear cover which reduces maintenance cost substantially.
  • Compact design and can be customized to suit your available space.

Fuel Options: Bunker C. Diesel, Kerosene, LPG

Quality Fitting and Components

  • Fully Automatic and completely safe operation.
  • Efficient and low cost operation.
  • This unit is ideal for small and medium sized factories which requires lower initial investment without sacrificing durability.

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